“RAKHDUU” – A GUJJU name which every elder tells to their children when they roam here and there! All fun going folks in Gujarat would agree to have heard this lines as kids “Aa chokro to saav RAKHDUU thai gayo che”. These rakhduus are single point of contact for all friends, cousins and family to answer their queries on places and food courts in their neighborhood.

So now taking ourselves with this compliment and for those who consider themselves a RAKHDUU, we have launched this amazing website to cover all those corners of neighborhood in terms of Food, Entertainment and Travel. It’s just that, for us, neighbourhood exceeds boundaries of geography.

Rakhduu website has onset to provide articles related to Food, Travel & Entertainment.

We also have a feature of “Mr. Rakhduu” in which if you have any query/question related to Food, Travel, Places and Lifestyle, feel free to ask Mr. Rakhduu and he will cater your request. As much as you, Mr. Rakhduu takes it as a serious business to solve your queries on food, travel, place and lifestyle.