Korean Cheese Shaslik sizzler
Veg, Breakfast


Magic! Korean Cheese Shaslik sizzler beats any sizzler hands down. Chunks of cottage cheese served with a thick gravy makes it a classic at Shihai. Sihai outdoes it again and this time, it is their world cuisine that creates the news. No wonder, Shihai is the most sought-after food destination in the city. From all the various restaurants that we have explored, Shihai undoubtedly secures its place in the top 10 must-visit food joints of Ahmedabad. Shihai, located at Shree Balaji Agora Mall is a place which apart from it being at a great location the food and the ambience of peace this is going to be your now onwards weekend spot! With an Asian theme embodied all over the restaurant, that is indeed heart throbbing, you can expect the food to be lip-smacking as well!

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