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Replenish your Employees

We have helped various organizations to rejuvenate their employees by organising outdoor activities like one/two-day picnic activities for them. That resulted in an overall improvement in strengthening teamwork and boosting employees morale.


16. Starz Club

Starz is custom-tailored for those who desire real and regal exclusivity. No matter whether you want to watch a movie in your own personal theatre or just crave for a sumptuous seven-course meal while floating on water, Starz has it all! So, the next time when you want to escape from your daily routine, take a break worth talking about and reach Starz for that incredible weekend!

Distance from Ahmedabad: 27 kms

Highlights: The Club has its own movie theatre, so you can watch movie with your group there.

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17. Anmol Ruturaj Club

It is located only 10 kms away from Sardar Patel Ring Road, Ahmedabad nestled amidst the nature and well infrastructure villages. Anmol Ruturaj Club is one of the finest recreational facilities in the vicinity of 100 kms. It’s vision is to create and provide the ultimate comfort zone.

Distance from Ahmedabad: 23 kms

Highlights: Its Adventure Park! You can do amazing breathtaking activities like Rappelling, Vertical Log etc.

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